Principals Athletic Conference (PAC-7) 2018-19

CVCA Royals Fairless Falcons Loudonville Redbirds (football only) Manchester Panthers Northwest Indians Orrville Red Riders Triway Titans Tuslaw Mustangs


2018-19 League Standings

Team Overall League SF SA
Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy11-117-51.81.7

Schedules and Scores

Date Away Home
Sat. 18Washington (Massillon)3Fairless (Navarre)0
Sat. 18Carrollton (Carrollton)2Northwest (Canal Fulton)0
Sat. 18Canton Central Catholic (Canton)2Northwest (Canal Fulton)0
Sat. 18Orrville (Orrville)3Cloverleaf (Lodi)0
Sat. 18Triway (Wooster)0Smithville (Smithville)3
Sat. 18Tuslaw (Massillon)2East Canton (East Canton)0
Sat. 18Tuslaw (Massillon)2Rootstown (Rootstown)0
Mon. 20Canton Central Catholic (Canton)0Tuslaw (Massillon)3
Tue. 21Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy (Cuyahoga Falls)1Hoover (North Canton)3
Tue. 21Fairless (Navarre)2Strasburg-Franklin (Strasburg)3
Tue. 21Marlington (Alliance)3Northwest (Canal Fulton)0
Tue. 21Lake (Uniontown)3Orrville (Orrville)0
Tue. 21Hiland (Berlin)3Triway (Wooster)2
Thu. 23Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy (Cuyahoga Falls)3Hathaway Brown School (Shaker Heights)0
Thu. 23West Holmes (Millersburg)0Orrville (Orrville)3
Thu. 23Triway (Wooster)3Norwayne (Creston)0
Thu. 23Tuslaw (Massillon)0Chippewa (Doylestown)3
Sat. 25Revere (Richfield)3Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy (Cuyahoga Falls)0
Sat. 25Fairless (Navarre)2Canton McKinley (Canton)0
Sat. 25Fairless (Navarre)1Alliance (Alliance)2
Sat. 25Manchester (Akron)2Norton (Norton)1
Sat. 25Manchester (Akron)0Chippewa (Doylestown)2
Sat. 25Northwest (Canal Fulton)0Tuscarawas Valley (Zoarville)2
Sat. 25Ashland (Ashland)3Triway (Wooster)0
Sat. 25Tuslaw (Massillon)0Waynedale (Apple Creek)2
Sat. 25Tuslaw (Massillon)0Canton South (Canton)2
Mon. 27Manchester (Akron)0Barberton (Barberton)2
Mon. 27Tuslaw (Massillon)3Canton McKinley (Canton)2
Tue. 28Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy (Cuyahoga Falls) *1Triway (Wooster)3
Tue. 28Fairless (Navarre) *0Orrville (Orrville)3
Tue. 28Northwest (Canal Fulton) *3Tuslaw (Massillon)0
Thu. 30Manchester (Akron) *1Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy (Cuyahoga Falls)3
Thu. 30Triway (Wooster) *3Fairless (Navarre)0
Thu. 30Orrville (Orrville) *0Northwest (Canal Fulton)3
Sat. 1Triway (Wooster)3West Holmes (Millersburg)0
Sat. 1Rittman (Rittman)2Tuslaw (Massillon)0
Sat. 1Strasburg-Franklin (Strasburg)2Tuslaw (Massillon)1
Tue. 4Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy (Cuyahoga Falls) *3Tuslaw (Massillon)0
Tue. 4Fairless (Navarre) *0Manchester (Akron)3
Tue. 4Northwest (Canal Fulton) *0Triway (Wooster)3
Wed. 5Tuslaw (Massillon) *3Fairless (Navarre)1
Thu. 6Orrville (Orrville) *3Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy (Cuyahoga Falls)2
Thu. 6Triway (Wooster) *3Manchester (Akron)0
Thu. 6Washington (Massillon)3Northwest (Canal Fulton)0
Sat. 8Woodridge (Peninsula)1Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy (Cuyahoga Falls)2
Sat. 8Cuyahoga Falls (Cuyahoga Falls)0Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy (Cuyahoga Falls)2
Sat. 8Minerva (Minerva)1Fairless (Navarre)3
Sat. 8Orrville (Orrville)3Norton (Norton)2
Mon. 10Manchester (Akron)3Ravenna (Ravenna)0
Mon. 10Norton (Norton)3Northwest (Canal Fulton)1
Tue. 11Fairless (Navarre) *0Northwest (Canal Fulton)3
Tue. 11Manchester (Akron) *1Orrville (Orrville)3
Tue. 11Triway (Wooster) *3Tuslaw (Massillon)0
Thu. 13Northwest (Canal Fulton) *0Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy (Cuyahoga Falls)3
Thu. 13Fairless (Navarre)0Waterloo (Atwater)3
Thu. 13Tuslaw (Massillon) *0Manchester (Akron)3
Thu. 13Orrville (Orrville) *1Triway (Wooster)3
Sat. 15Central Christian (Kidron)3Fairless (Navarre)0
Sat. 15Ellet (Akron)0Manchester (Akron)3
Sat. 15Green (Uniontown)2Orrville (Orrville)0
Sat. 15Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy (Cuyahoga Falls)1Aurora (Aurora)2
Mon. 17Manchester (Akron)3Springfield (Akron)0
Mon. 17Revere (Richfield)3Triway (Wooster)0
Tue. 18Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy (Cuyahoga Falls) *3Fairless (Navarre)1
Tue. 18Manchester (Akron) *0Northwest (Canal Fulton)3
Tue. 18Orrville (Orrville) *3Tuslaw (Massillon)0
Thu. 20Triway (Wooster) *3Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy (Cuyahoga Falls)1
Thu. 20Orrville (Orrville) *3Fairless (Navarre)0
Thu. 20Tuslaw (Massillon) *1Northwest (Canal Fulton)3
Sat. 22Triway (Wooster)1Waynedale (Apple Creek)3
Mon. 24Manchester (Akron)0Coventry (Akron)3
Mon. 24Northwest (Canal Fulton)3Canton South (Canton)1
Tue. 25Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy (Cuyahoga Falls) *3Manchester (Akron)2
Tue. 25Fairless (Navarre) *0Triway (Wooster)3
Tue. 25Northwest (Canal Fulton) *1Orrville (Orrville)3
Tue. 25Tuslaw (Massillon)0Central Christian (Kidron)3
Thu. 27Tuslaw (Massillon) *0Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy (Cuyahoga Falls)3
Thu. 27Manchester (Akron) *3Fairless (Navarre)1
Thu. 27Triway (Wooster) *3Northwest (Canal Fulton)0
Sat. 29Canton South (Canton)3Fairless (Navarre)0
Sat. 29Lake Center Christian School (Hartville)0Manchester (Akron)3
Sat. 29Orrville (Orrville)0Marlington (Alliance)2
Sat. 29Orrville (Orrville)1Louisville (Louisville)2
Tue. 2Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy (Cuyahoga Falls) *0Orrville (Orrville)3
Tue. 2Fairless (Navarre) *0Tuslaw (Massillon)3
Tue. 2Manchester (Akron) *0Triway (Wooster)3
Tue. 2Northwest (Canal Fulton)3Canton Central Catholic (Canton)1
Thu. 4Northwest (Canal Fulton) *3Fairless (Navarre)1
Thu. 4Orrville (Orrville) *3Manchester (Akron)0
Thu. 4Tuslaw (Massillon) *0Triway (Wooster)3
Sat. 6Aurora (Aurora)3Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy (Cuyahoga Falls)2
Sat. 6Fairless (Navarre)1Loudonville (Loudonville)2
Sat. 6Fairless (Navarre)0Smithville (Smithville)2
Mon. 8Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy (Cuyahoga Falls)0St Vincent-St Mary (Akron)3
Mon. 8Woodridge (Peninsula)0Manchester (Akron)3
Mon. 8Triway (Wooster)3Chippewa (Doylestown)2
Tue. 9Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy (Cuyahoga Falls) *0Northwest (Canal Fulton)3
Tue. 9Manchester (Akron) *3Tuslaw (Massillon)0
Tue. 9Triway (Wooster) *2Orrville (Orrville)3
Thu. 11Fairless (Navarre) *0Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy (Cuyahoga Falls)3
Thu. 11Northwest (Canal Fulton) *3Manchester (Akron)0
Thu. 11Tuslaw (Massillon) *0Orrville (Orrville)3
Thu. 11Indian Valley (Gnadenhutten)3Triway (Wooster)0
Sat. 13Canton South (Canton)3Manchester (Akron)1
Sat. 13Northwest (Canal Fulton)3West Holmes (Millersburg)1
Sat. 13Dalton (Dalton)3Triway (Wooster)2
Tue. 16Fairless (Navarre) #0Canton Central Catholic (Canton)3
Tue. 16Manchester (Akron) #3Our Lady Of The Elms (Akron)0
Tue. 16Tuslaw (Massillon) #3Northwestern (West Salem)2
Tue. 16Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy (Cuyahoga Falls) #3East (Akron)0
Tue. 16Northwest (Canal Fulton) #3Alliance (Alliance)0
Thu. 18Orrville (Orrville) #3Chippewa (Doylestown)1
Thu. 18Tuslaw (Massillon) #0Waynedale (Apple Creek)3
Thu. 18Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy (Cuyahoga Falls) #0Coventry (Akron)3
Thu. 18Northwest (Canal Fulton) #0Crestwood (Mantua)3
Sat. 20Triway (Wooster) #3Canton Central Catholic (Canton)0
Sat. 20Manchester (Akron) #0Smithville (Smithville)3
Wed. 24Triway (Wooster) #1Smithville (Smithville)3
Wed. 24Orrville (Orrville) #0Waynedale (Apple Creek)3
* League game
# Postseason game
% Scrimmage

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